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Ello Ello is a new social media network that promises an ad-free, tracking-free environment. It's currently still in beta, which means it's not finished. Features are still being added, and bugs are still being fixed. Membership is currently by invitation only, to reduce the load the the network servers during this testing phase.

One question asked by many new members, is how to find interesting people to follow on this new network. To help with that, some lists have been created to help users find other users with similar interests. I'm maintaining some lists of my own, such as lists of Models, Publications, and Art Galleries & Museums. You will find them here:

Art Galleries & Museums on Ello

Artists on Ello by @scottdakota

Brands on Ello by Brandle, Inc.

GIF Makers on Ello by @hexeosis

Magazines on Ello

Models on Ello

Musicians on Ello by @musicworld

Photographers on Ello by Miroslav Petrasko

Writers on Ello by @jasnie

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